If you would like to add a creative menu to your restaurant website but do not have a lot of JS knowledge, here is a helpful guide!

Watch the menu in action.

What is the most important part of any restaurant website? The menu of course! I am going to walk through the steps of creating an easy, interactive, and creative menu for any restaurant website.


What is the purpose of a menu? To help users gather information about the food that the restaurant serves. Important information that users are looking for includes the item name, ingredients, and price. The…

2020 exposed many of our societal issues and flaws. It separated people through social distancing but it also brought people together around social justice.

Over the past four years, marches and protests such as the Women’s March, the Climate March, and Black Lives Matter protests have been used to demonstrate a collective dedication to justice whether that be social or environmental. These marches and protests allow people to find a community and, with one unified voice, tell our government that we want a better future. These marches are often extremely well planned and the people and groups that set them up have to find ways to get the word out: the more people that come, the more impactful the event is. However, as a…

“Why did you decide to make your design portfolio in grayscale?”

This was the question that first made me realize that my work as a designer might not take accessibility into account. This question came from a friend of mine who is color blind. In the weeks… no MONTHS previous to this conversation I had been tirelessly working to carefully craft a design portfolio that I felt reflected my work and me as a person. As a new designer, I wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted it to have just the right vibe. I love nature so I decided to go with soft and subtle greens throughout my site…

Progression of BusyBus application

As a student in a UX/UI design program since October I have learned an overwhelming amount of new information and have been thrown head first into new skills and technologies. To put all of this into practice, I have created parts of a mobile app called BusyBus. In this blog I am going to walk you through my steps that lead me to my final prototype and a reflection of my work and feedback from each section.

Design Problem

The scenario for this application is a large city transit system that recently underwent an expansion. This expansion has led to the addition…

Image taken from this blog: https://uxdesign.cc/ux-surveys-a-quick-guide-to-get-the-most-out-of-them-1889d136be6a

Spoiler alert! This was much harder than I thought it was going to be!

I am a new student on in a UX/UI designer bootcamp and this is the story of my first assignment in the course. Over the past week I have been enjoying every minute of orientation to my new course and two nights ago I reached my first assignment: craft a user survey concerning the relationship between the general public and wearable technology. I have to admit that, after watching the videos and reading the articles supplied by my program about creating a user survey, I felt…

This weekend I worked on a lesson about energy and more specifically the different forms of energy that exist, how we observe them, and how we can communicate these observations. On the surface, the process of creating a lesson plan is about figuring out how to get your students invested in the content, having them participate in a meaningful and engaging activity, and then ending with a rigorous move that wraps up their learning and pushes their new knowledge. However, in order for a lesson, even one about energy, to truly meet EVERY student in any given classroom, it needs…

Any sixth grade teacher out there will tell you, their students are prone to fidgeting. Sometimes this fidgeting manifests itself in the desire to draw and doodle. Instead of asking students to practice self- control or worry that this habit will create a mural on a classroom desk, why not harness your students creativity and integrate art into your classroom curriculum?

I am a sixth grade science teacher who has fallen in love with integrating art into my science lessons. This all started in September when I noticed that an alarming amount of my students were constantly trying to discreetly…

Katy Wellington

Writing about issues in design and education.

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